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Oakville, Ontario
by Olivia Offen

Here at "Facts about Dogs," we are all for celebrating the beautiful world of dogs and provide a safe space for (new) dog owners, dog lovers or those who are thinking of adopting a new furry family member. The passion of the dog-community has mad this website possible, where everyone can learn and come together.

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Insightful Blog Posts

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Explore our collection of engaging blog posts which cover a variety of topics about the genuine stories of dog adoption up to the crisis of stray dogs all around the world. We dive into the world of companionship and love sharing insight into the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Local Dog Resources

It does not matter if you are in Oakville or anywhere in the world, here you can discover the most beautiful off-leash parks, trustworthy dig sitters, and even mobile grooming services Everything your dog could want and more.

Advocacy for Stray Dogs

Help us out to create a better world. Educate yourself about the challenges that stray dogs face in todays world and how your help of adoption, donation and more can make a difference. So together, let's speak up for those who can't do it themselves!

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